Examples of Great reasons to believe

When creating reasons to believe, the rule of quality over quantity prevails.

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Stick to one (or 2) Reasons to Believe (RTBs) that are highly believable. Fewer is far more compelling than several that are loosely related.  When in doubt, test them to make sure they’re compelling and relevant to the promised benefit.

If you’re not sure how to validate them, reach out to us for some guidance.


➡︎ Compelling RTBs are key to product marketing success 

One area where we have done a lot of work is in Healthcare: medical devices, medical procedures, even insurance. But our experience extends beyond that: streaming services, mobile apps, and even robotics. 

That explains why we focus on healthcare in our examples. But you can easily apply these 7 approaches to any industry. 


mobile apps
HEre are some great RTB examples. time to start riffing on your own...





Describes how something works; Reinforces logic with product attributes. 

Entrepix Medical uses a patented technique to smooth out imperfections left behind by standard surgical scalpels.


Clinical study results or other relevant data.

95% patient satisfaction after 1 year.


Relevant, authoritative and unbiased opinions; independent research, recommendations.

Hear what these surgeons are saying about how the Attune knee helps get patients back on their feet faster.

Brag (a little)

Leverages the equity and pedigree of a strong brand.

Delivering high-quality, reliable products is how we have become a trusted solution worldwide.


Talks about the company, service of the brand, or the story of how the products are developed.

A whole team of passionate people are here to give you personalized care.


Demonstrate your uniqueness in the market; or product’s superior performance.

Only Optview wicks away moisture to maintain visibility.


Minimize the risk of the investment; money back guarantee, etc. 

With 900+ patents and data from 6 million smiles, you can trust Invisalign.

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