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Eric Solomon: Brand Building for B2B

In this episode, I’m excited to speak with Dr. Eric Solomon. Dr. Solomon has held strategic and marketing positions at Instagram, Google, Spotify, and YouTube. Currently, he is Chief Marketing Officer in residence at Blackbird, offering organizations ‘fractional CMO’ services from C-suite marketers. This episode was produced in partnership with the Insights Association, host of the annual NEXT Conference, which featured Dr. Solomon as a keynote speaker.

In this conversation, we discuss:

@4:43  How the CMO-in-residence concept was born and the value it offers

@6:39  Machine learning’s (AI, AR, VR) role in how people consume, create, and distribute content

@11:55  What is “Hypertelling” and how does it take brand building and storytelling to a new level

@14:36  How social media platforms can effectively be used in B2B marketing

@20:15  What is Dr. Solomon’s key takeaway for B2B marketers

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