Priscilla McKinney: Know Thy Audience

On this episode, I talk with Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing and host of the podcast Ponderings from the Perch. In addition to being a world class marketer and cultural anthropologist, Priscilla has carved out an exciting niche for Little Bird Marketing, helping market research companies reach their full potential. Priscilla is as genuine and practical as they come. I learned a ton from talking with her.

In this conversation we discuss:

@7:08  Why attraction works in business like it does at cocktail parties 

@9:31  What is SOAR and how does it support a winning marketing strategy

@12:05  Hard lessons learned about personas through failure

@22:23  What’s the most dangerous thing that marketers sometimes do?

@26:24  It’s NOT the marketing that’s annoying

@36:28  How process and systems (not magic) lead to profitability