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Kristin Luck: How to use storytelling in market research reporting

When it comes to storytelling in market research and content creation, one of the best in the business is Kristin Luck. Kristin’s consulting practice, ScaleHouse, focuses on nontraditional growth strategies. She’s a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting keynote speaker on marketing, branding, storytelling, startups, and innovation. Kristin is also the founder of Women in Research, a global nonprofit that facilitates education, entrepreneurship, and other career development for women in the market research industry.

In this episode, Kristin and I discuss the hot topic of storytelling in market research, both in marketing to consumers and in market research reporting. We also touch on brands that are doing a stand-out job of engaging consumers and we explore the state of women, and diversity overall, in market research.

In this conversation we discuss:

@ 03:00 Ways to use storytelling in market research reporting

@ 06:20 The importance of not only what to put into a story, but also what to leave out

@ 10:10 What growth hacking can teach us about framing, and making use, of data

@ 12:55 The impact stories have to influence behavior

@ 14:10 Examples of B2B brands that effectively engage with customers through story and narrative

@ 16:45 The importance of video for business-related storytelling

@ 20:20 Women in Research and the current state of diversity in the market research industry (and business overall)

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