3 Tips for Better Market Research Insights

Focus groups are hard. They are also revealing. But you have to know the tricks of the trade to really garner insights that are deep and valuable. And you can’t have a loud respondent or human memory errors get in your way to the truth.

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5 Steps to Better Sales Messages

With sales messaging, it helps to have a framework because a framework gives you structure while still leaving room for improv. A framework establishes the rules; the best practices.


7 Examples of Strong Reasons to Believe (RTBs)

When creating reasons to believe, the rule of quality over quantity prevails. Here are 7 killer approaches and examples from healthcare (but can be applied to any market.)
Stick to 1 or 2 Reasons to Believe (RTBs). They should be highly believable, which will be more a lot more compelling than several that are loosely related.
When in doubt, test them to make sure they’re compelling and relevant to the promised benefit.