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Lillian was an inventor with a deep understanding of her customers.
If you have shelves in your fridge, her ingenuity has touched your life.

We are a boutique qualitative team named in her honor.

Our research experience runs deep:
from CPG & appliances to software & SaaS,
healthcare & financial services to streaming content & mobile apps.

We help you succeed through really good research

Meet the team

Gina_blue hue
VP Research & Consulting

A 20-year veteran in the industry, Gina has done every type of qualitative research: from new product development with J&J and P&G, to directing research at IPSOS for telecom giants.

She leads our research projects and moderates online groups like a rockstar. She is an expert in moment-to-moment feedback on dynamic stimuli, such as front-end validation, experiential products, positioning, and video content.

Gina has recently been the lead qualitative researcher on the Back-To-Normal Barometer tracking study, and has presented those results to the US Chamber of Commerce (USCC), Washington International Trade Association (WITA), US Travel Association, National Association of Realtors (NAR) and others.

Gina’s work has been featured in Quirks,  USA Today, CNN, and The New York Times.

David_blue hue

As founder of Lillian Labs and its sister company Dialsmith, David’s experience lives at the intersection of sales, marketing, and research.

Dialsmith’s technologies are used globally to capture real-time opinions—moment by moment—to understand people’s motivations and predict their behavior. David couples that with qualitative research and behavioral science storytelling to build concepts, products, & messages that stick.

David and his team have helped media companies and consumer product giants test and refine their products; from concept testing & product development to content research (Amazon, CNN, Facebook, Nielsen, Univision, and many others).

David is a sought-after speaker and has presented to Microsoft, the STORY Conference, the Insights Association, & many other industry events. (Speaker Packet)

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Human Factors Agency Client

You added so much value to this project!
And our client has commented several times
how happy he is that we brought you in.

Gaming Console Developer

Excellent presentation! The team was extremely engaged and the timely topics you discussed were perfect to get people thinking on how to become better storytellers.

Telecom Client

….This research is like a GOLD MINE!

Rich Thau

It was obvious the clients LOVED what you two did, and I am grateful to both of you.
Excellent job.

Broadcast client

Your team has been fantastic! They seem to always be one step ahead.

Consumer Appliance Brand

Their insights helped us exceed our unit forecasts by over 180%. Amazing.

Kevin Durham

The results are mind blowing – and that’s why we reached out for their expertise to engage our audience.

Harris III
Story Conference curator, illusionist, podcast host

David’s talk at STORY was both engaging and enlightening.
It gave our 1,000+ attendees
great insight into how to better shape the stories they’re telling.

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3 Tips for Uncovering the Story Behind the Data

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breaking bad news to good clients
How to Deliver Bad News to Good Clients

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This second phase of our COVID-19 vaccine message testing study, completed in early November 2021, focused on parents of children ages 5 – 11 that were still “on the fence” about getting their child/children vaccinated. Here’s what these parents told us were 3 keys things they wanted to hear before making their decision about vaccinating their child…