Research Tips: How Product Managers Can Make Their Insights Better & More Human


Tips for Product Managers: Making your Insights More Human


Product Managers carry a heavy load. In the same day you are the market expert, statistician, defender of the roadmap, evangelist, master scheduler, sherpa. 

Your biggest role is as Subject Matter Expert (#SME) on all things “customer”. Knowing your customer is the cornerstone of Pragmatic Marketing.

That is a tall order. For simplicity, it is easy to view your ‘customers’ as a unit, that behaves in specific ways. 

But in fact, your customers are a constellation of people. Each is unique, but with some commonalities that can be exploited (for good, naturally.)

What can often fall by the wayside is truly SEEING your customers as people. Here’s the trick: how do you extract insights from them that are meaningful, human, and empathetic. After all, your product is solving their problems, right? 

We’ve put together a quick-hit list of ways to approach your customer research. 



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Product MANAGEMENT: best practices for humanizing your insights