Power to the PErsona: Part 1 (What & WHY)

❝Meaningful conversations lead to meaningful work. Scratch that. Meaningful conversations with the right people lead to meaningful work.❞ 

You can talk all day to a rock and it won’t get you anywhere (except maybe the crazy house). So, what makes a conversation meaningful? 

How do you make sure you’re talking to ideal clients and not rocks? How do you provide them with helpful information instead of annoying them to tears?  

To create content that is meaningful, you must first know who you’re creating the content for. That’s why at Little Bird, before we ever begin brainstorming content ideas, we spend a good amount of time defining ideal buyer personas.


This post is part 1 of 2. Here we will talk about the WHAT and the WHY of personas. Part 2 will talk about HOW to build them and use them. Let’s dive in…

Priscilla McKinney, Little Bird Marketing