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Lindsay Portnoy: Science of Engagement is Child’s Play

On this episode, my guest is Dr. Lindsay Portnoy. Dr. Portnoy is an educational psychologist, professor, author, and Chief Learning Officer at a company called Killer Snails that creates science-based, experiential learning games for kids. She’s an expert in the science of engagement, with both kids and adults, and brings an incredible wealth of experience to the topic.

In this conversation, Dr. Portnoy and I discuss:

@7:28  How an advertisement on a train changed the course of her life

@9:05  How she defines “engagement” and relates it to learning

@20:00  How game-play and gamification relate to learning and engagement

@28:01  Universal truths for creating engaging content and experiences

@41:47  An overview of her forthcoming book on how design thinking can be used to identify and help solve problems

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