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Learn How to “Wow over How” with Illusionist Harris III

Alright, friends…this is an fun one! How often do you get to hear stories and advice on engaging an audience from a master illusionist, keynote speaker, storyteller, creative consultant, and live event curator?

Harris III (the third) has traveled the world learning how to entertain, inform, and inspire, and in this conversation he shares a ton of that experience with us. No one will leave this podcast without something tangible to immediately apply to their work and even personal life.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn from this conversation with Harris:

@ 10:05 How Harris learned that true kindness is real magic
@ 24:35 What Harris has learned about engaging large audiences
@ 28:35 How to use changing people’s attitude and mindset in order to change their actions
@ 35:35 How can you use misdirection and focus together to engage an audience
@ 41:05 The importance of wow over how

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