Indian Pizza? (It's a metaphor.) Creative Repurposing is Innovative, too.

Excerpt from The Dragon's Den Article

You may be sitting on a gold mine; an opportunity to creatively repurpose something you already have

When you hear Indian Pizza your first thought probably isn’t how good it will be. If you’re like me it’s some combination of, “Why?” and, “That can’t be a good idea.”

Well, to that I say, “Because it’s awesome,” and “See prior response!” But that’s only because some creative souls at Bombay Pizza & Curry had the guts to think differently and be creative.

Some people call this sort of thing, creative repurposing. That is, taking something meant for one thing and selling it for something completely different. 

In my career, I’ve had two creative repurposing journeys: Straight Talk and Real-time scoring. 

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