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Dr. Lara Giese: Power of Persuasion and Engagement in the Courtroom

There’s no bigger stakes for putting the power of persuasion into practice than in the courtroom and my guest this episode is a master of persuasive techniques. In addition to being a licensed psychologist, Dr. Lara Giese has worked as a trial consultant and researcher for 20+ years, counseling hundreds of clients on: what to say, what not to say, and sometimes most importantly, how to say it in high-profile and high-exposure court cases.

In this episode, Dr. Giese and I discuss:

@3:24 How to account for your audience filtering your information through the lens of their own life.

@4:23 How the technique of dial testing allows for instant feedback during research sessions and how to use that feedback most effectively.

@7:05 The importance of visuals and demonstratives to hold people’s attention.

@9:09 How to create a mindset to reduce anxiety as a speaker or presenter.

@11:55 How building credibility, and your non-verbal communication, can strongly influence your audience.

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