9 killer reasons to do in-depth Interviews
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9 Reasons Product Managers Should Dive Into In-Depth Interviews (IDIs)

This is one of those “short but meaty” posts. From working with product teams, we have learned a lot about how market research fits into their “flow”.

Here are the (sometimes unexpected) ways that In-depth Interviews add value to Product Management and Product Marketing:

1 IDIs can be quick-turn to fit into agile sprint timelines for fast insights

2 IDIs explain the “Why”, helping you understand motivations and predict behaviors

3 IDIs save valuable time by confirming customer requirements before you build prototypes

4 User interviews supply concrete feedback to defend your roadmap priorities

5 IDIs are perfect for CPG because they are contextual: you are experiencing people in their home environment

6 Verbatim feedback from interviews can be shared with the marketing team to hone customer-facing messages

7 Hearing direct feedback fosters empathy; enabling you to put yourself in the user’s mindset

8 Qualitative insights enable you to bring the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to the C-Suite (and get you a seat at the table)

9 Customer stories are a great way to socialize your insights internally and add meaningful context to your top-line reports and presentations

Bonus: IDIs map well to the Pragmatic Marketing Framework. We’ve made one of our own; You can download it here➤

At Lillian Labs, we have done front-end concept testing all the way thru product usability testing; covering everything from robotics to household appliances.

Reach out if we can help you get some fast feedback from your users.


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